Sports betting has always been a part of the picture as individual interest, and the expansion of betting markets tends to rise. As a result, we have come across betting sectors handling £80 million during a two-week period of the London Olympics 2012 and around £4 million during the Beijing Games 2008. So how did these figures come into the picture, and when exactly did the activity witness a rise? Well, since those are a few of the most common questions, we decided to answer them by looking into the rise of gambling at the Olympics.

The New Age Bookie

Bookies in the current day and age are not like the folks you would come across in the late 1990s. They are more passionate and engaging as they managed to expand the market and invite newcomers to the field. The ability and sense of understanding that they displayed is quite crucial to reach the extent of satisfaction. This level of interest tends to be the main reason why around 3 million people were ready to place their first bet during the London Olympics.

Decoding the Recreational Bettor

Decoding the Recreational Bettor

While one always looks forward to witnessing their stars in action, things tend to enter the next level when betting is involved. The kind of engagement that it creates builds a unique relationship between bettors and the sport. As a result, they have faith in their team and thus go ahead to place money. Since this particular relationship is quite common, it is not hard to come across bettors who are ready to put in money.

The Smartphone Phenomenon

We have all witnessed the impact of the smartphone generation as things are more accessible and advanced. With these devices in our hands, we have been able to do a lot more, and that includes more than just connectivity. Betting sites and mobile-optimized versions have entered the scene, and it has managed to bring in another set of audience. Due to that, placing bets has become more comfortable, and one will be happy about the platform. As a result, sports betting is on the rise.


The Perfect Combination

When you look into the points mentioned, you are left with a perfect combination of events and methods that paved the way for the rise of sports betting. As they stand to create an impact, one can get a clear idea of how the rise of sports betting can be both predicted and felt. Since the digital arena is gaining more importance by the day, one can expect to see another rise in the coming future. Due to that, sports betting was on the rise, and it will continue to do so until our interest fades away.