Next summer has a lot to offer, and the 2020 Olympics is undoubtedly one of the most exciting events of all. Around 12,000 athletes are expected to participate in the Tokyo Olympics. While many sports fans await the moment for the torch to set ablaze to a series of games, the avid bettors look up to the opportunities to wager on their favorite sport and player. Let us brush up on the most critical aspects of Olympic betting to improve your betting style.

Premier League and NBA

Tips on Olympic Betting

In order to become a winner at the various sports bets in the Olympics, you need to understand the working of each sport before wagering on it. You can easily bet on sports like soccer and basketball since it follows the same betting rules and patterns as the Premier League and NBA. But the other sports aren’t something you watch every week; they might be the exciting events you encounter only for the Olympics. If you need to excel at making a buck out of these sports, you have to follow certain tips.

  • Although hundreds of betting options and sports are available, you must make wise decisions. Always try to bet on sports that you know; without a proper understanding of a sport, you will most probably lose the money you put into it.
  • You must start considering your bets as soon as possible so that you focus on a particular sport for the season. Multiple sports can be wagered on, but make sure that you have substantial knowledge in them before placing your bets.
  • The most important thing to do before betting is to look for the latest updates and records of a player. Previous Olympics and recent world championship records have to be revisited to check through a team or player’s chances to win. Also, researching an athlete’s form will help you gain a better understanding so that you can bet accordingly.
  • Once you have decided to bet on any sport, look for the tips provided by experts. Many of those tips may come in handy while you place the bets.

Best Sports to Bet On

All the best bookmakers will offer a wide range of sports. Since it is the Olympics’ season, they are sure to make some profit over the weeks. Although plenty of sports are available to bet on, the most popular ones are boxing, cycling, athletics, swimming, gymnastics, soccer, and diving. You can bet on all the other popular sports too, but when you are looking for a broad range of options and winning opportunities, these top sports might be your best call.


Best Betting Options

Multiple markets are available in Olympics betting, and the most common ones are made over the overall winners and medal holders. The more niche and special markets in Olympics betting are prop bets, Over/Under Nation medals, handicap bets, No Medals, number of medals in a sport, Most Gold Medals, Most Silver Medals, and Most Bronze Medals. You are sure to find various other options in the major bookmakers. Make sure to understand the concept of the bet before placing it.