Plenty of events are being held every year, be it the massive concerts or the games in arenas. Despite the entry of various new major events, Olympics remains one of the most prominent sports events. People eagerly wait for the leap year to pop up on the calendar, heralding the burst of emotions in the gallery. Some of the world’s best athletes assemble at the venue to get their way through the hurdles to win the trophy. Various sports such as basketball, soccer, skateboarding, badminton, and many more are open to competition in the massive stadiums. While the athletes take the run of their life, the sports bettors can have a great time winning money out of the bets placed on all their favorite sports. Several Olympics betting options are offered as the year’s events kickstart. Let us look at how the flame to a profitable Olympics bet can be lit.

Futures Odds

A number of futures betting options will be published by the sportsbooks a few weeks prior to the event. All aspects of the sports futures betting options will be covered in these updates. The most common bet is the one on the total medal count. As the event is announced and is about to be launched, the odds of countries that are most likely to win the highest number of gold medals will be published. ‘-‘ and ‘+’ signs will appear as an affix, denoting that particular country’s odds to grab the gold medals. Once the games have begun, the number of bets and medals won will change the odds. In totals wagering, the punter has to bet on a specific country’s capability to win OVER or UNDER the total number of medals as indicated on the lines. The odds determine the payout on all winning bets.

Betting Lines are the Same

Betting Lines are the Same

As a novice at Olympics betting, you might have thoughts about finding it difficult to blend in with the new betting styles. However, if you have wagered on the other sports before, the basic idea can easily help you get through this event. Sports such as soccer and basketball have almost the same betting lines and follow a similar pattern as in the Premier League and NBA. Everything from spreads, totals betting, Moneyline wagering, and three-way betting to futures betting is available in the Olympics. Other sports offer ideal betting opportunities to set a clear path even for the novices to understand the working properly. All the wagering options are applicable to the various sports, while the futures bet can be placed only on an individual player or team that is likely to come away with the gold medal.

Live bets are also available in the Olympics these days, allowing the bettors to wager on the teams or individuals depending on the game’s updates. Prop bets that cover elements on and away from the field of action are also offered to give the bettors a wider array of options to make money.